Babalog, a kidswear line, was created in 2012 as an alternative to assembly-line clothing.  The line uses handmade fabrics and artisanal techniques which are fast becoming extinct.


In 2013, babalog teamed up with Befriend, a not-for-profit organization in India that supports grassroots development for women.  The collaboration married babalog's custom-woven handmade fabrics with waterproof lined products handcrafted by the NGO project Sui & Dhaga.

Through this project the tailors of Sui & Dhaga receive a monthly income. Though the ladies were trained before we met them, they had no work, so the Befriend project has enabled them to earn a regular income, which they use to help out with their families expenses - medical, education, utilities and marriage - as well as saving a little for emergencies. It also gives them joy and pride to be able to contribute to their household financially.

The profits are dispensed to projects like an interest free housing loans loans for underprivileged families in rural areas, & constructing schools for tribal girls in India.

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