Tracing imagined and real journeys across landscapes, quietly performative, a subtle exploration of porosity, instability and seepage through the seasons…

Moments and details of fluid poetry, within a world that is infinitely vast and uncontrollable…alluding to the Romantic tradition and the impossibility of controlling desire and maintaining certainty in facing the sublime, while confronting the instability of the present moment…

A series of investigations captures flashes of delight, a fleeting moment of enchantment, a point of rupture and delicate erosion, a membranous skin as literal and emotive point of tension…

Rooted in the Romantic and constructive and reductive sculptural traditions, often in the form of explorations and investigations, alluding to scientific methods, while revealing a tension between rational and sensual…

Composite Series

A series of photographs documenting walks through a Winter landscape, then magnified details of negatives to explore glimpses of visceral abstract details


Intimate photographic and material investigations into porosity and damp.

Salt Lick.jpg

Salt lick

A tear drop carved out of a salt lick, placed in a horse’s stable to lick.

Leaves 3.jpg


I walked the streets of London, collecting the leaves in Fall, and returned to the studio to dissect the flesh between its veins, leaving a delicate arterial map behind.

Jenah Barry Tap.jpg


I installed a tap into a canal in Venice, a city enveloped in water. The tap was permanently open, but being linked to the municipality’s water source (working with city engineers) it fluctuated according the water use of the site. It was the source of both anxiety, incredulity and relief during a historically hot Summer in Venice.


A tap drips, waves surge.


A journey along rivers and pathways, a compilation of exploratory moments stitched together to create an imaginary narrative of the artist in the sublime landscape.


An ongoing performative series - a tree is declassified in a forest.

Membrane - Drops on window.jpg


A photograph of water droplets on a window, the act of rendering the image makes the function of the window redundant - with the droplets forming a barrier. A filter or screen between interior and exterior, and a mediation on the emotive, sensual, meditative quality of rain.


Figure Studies

Sensual figure study and collage, much of my work collapses body, river, pathway, roads, map together as organic and vital systems.

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